Sandra's Dance at Studio 28

2018/2019 Fall Classes

​**All classes will incorporate Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap. Lyrical,   
   and Latin. Pre-K – 8th grade will also include beginners   
   Ballet. All sessions are geared for both boys and girls.

5:00-5:30pm          Private Lesson
5:30-6:45pm          Junior Dance (Grades 4-8)
6:45-7:15pm          Private Lesson

7:15-8:30pm          Dance Team (Grades 9-12)

5:15-5:45pm          Dance Strength and Cond. (All ages)

(Perfect for all ages and a wonderful way to keep students stretched, flexible and ready for the upcoming season!)
6:00-6:45pm          Pre-K-K

6:45-7:15pm          Private Lesson
7:30-8:30pm          ZUMBA®


5:30-6:00pm          Hip-Hop (Boys)
6:00-7:00pm          Grades 1-3

7:00-7:30pm          Adult Tap

7:30-8:30pm          ZUMBA®​


6:30-7:00pm          Private Lesson

8:30-9:00pm          Private Lesson