2019 Summer Class Pricing

Standard Summer Classes      $15 per class

Strength and Conditioning      $20 per class

Boy/Girl Hip-Hop                   $20 per class


Standard Classes

Grades Pre-K - 3rd grade                                       $15

Junior Dance (4th-8th grade)                                 $17

Dance Team (9th-12th grade)                                $18

Dance Strengthening and Conditioning Class          $15

Turns, Leaps and Extensions                                  $15

Additional Classes

Adult Classes                             Upon Request

Private Dance Lessons               Upon Request

Vocal Lessons                            Upon Request

Couples Lessons                        Upon Request

Wedding First Dance Lessons     Upon Request

Bridal Party Sessions                 Upon Request



*ZUMBA® is payable on a per class basis

Single Class                             $10

8 Class Package                       $64 ($8 per class)

12 Class Package                     $72 ($6 per class)

20 Class Package                     $100 ($5 per class)

2018/2019 Class Pricing

**All pricing is per class and payable monthly

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